CinePlayer® DVD Decoder Pack

CinePlayer® DVD Decoder Pack 4.3

Play DVDs on your PC with Roxio CinePlayer DVD decoder software

Play DVDs on your PC with Roxio CinePlayer DVD decoder software. Designed exclusively for Windows Media Player, CinePlayer delivers superior video quality with optimal system performance, featuring full frame rate video with no frame drops - all in amazing clarity and detail.

Main Features:

- The industry's best DVD navigation
- Enables playback of DVDs and MPEG-2 video files
- The highest performance and quality of any Windows XP DVD pack add-on
- Optimized MPEG2 audio decoder for outstanding performance
- Full Dolby AC3 decoding down mix to 2 channel "Stereo" or "Dolby Pro" (Dolby Certified)
- Advanced audio & video synchronization algorithm for DVD playback
- Intelligent buffering for unshakable, solid DVD audio playback even under adverse conditions
- Bright, clear DVD audio delivery, even on a PC notebook sound system
- Multiple instance/simultaneous decode capable (for VMR multi-stream blending)
- Highly optimized MPEG2 video decoder for outstanding performance

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